There are many Metered Taxis in major cities, especially in Java and Bali. If a taxi has a meter (argo), make sure it is used. Most drivers will use them without fuss but like anywhere there are a few sharks. Elsewhere, meters don't exist and you will have to bargain for the fare in advance. At airports, taxis usually operate on a coupon system, payable at the relevant booth before you board the taxi.

Below we provide you the most reputable taxi operator company in major cities of Java:

Surabaya Taxi Operator
-Surabaya (Blue Bird Group), Phone (62-31) 3721234 [1st choice]
-O-Renz, Phone (62-31) 8799999 [2nd choice]
-Silver, Phone (62-31) 5311777 [3rd choice]
-Gold, Phone (62-31) 8545555
-Metro, Phone (62-31) 8708585
-Zebra, Phone (62-31) 8411111

Bandung Taxi Operator

Blue Bird Bandung (022)756-1234

Yogyakarta (Jogja) Taxi Operator
ASA Taxi - 62-274-545 545
Armada Taxi  - 62-274-512787
Centris Taxi - 62-274-544 977
Indrakelana Taxi - 62-274-564 572
JAS Taxi - 62-274-373 737
Pandawa Taxi - 62-274-447 231
Jonque dans la Baie d'halong
Mai Chau 2 days 1 night
Two weeks in Myanmar