The becak is a tricycle pedalled by a driver who sits behind the passenger. It could seat two persons, though rather tightly. Becaks are mostly found in cities and towns on Java and have been here for over four decades. They can still be found in the faraway suburbs where streets are narrow and other public transportation is rare. In other cities like Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang and Denpasar they can still be used for short distances.

Becak was one of the three-wheel mode of transportation that generally were found in Indonesia. Instead of Indonesia, it also found in some of Asia.
The normal capacity of Becak was two passengers and a driver.

Usually there are two kind of becak in Indonesia:
-Becak with the driver behind the passanger (Java).
-Becak with the driver seating side the passanger (Sumatera).

Becak also could be subdivided in two sub-kinds, which is:

-The paddle Becak - Becak that used the bicycle as the rudder.
-The motorized Becak - Becak that used the motorcycle as the rudder.
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