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Semarang Restaurants

Surabaya is the biggest city after Jakarta in Indonesia. From Chinese Food, European Food, Italian Food, French Food, Indonesian Food and many more food you can find it at Surabaya. You can choose your ...

Restaurants and Bar Bandung

Bandung has a bedazzling array of restaurants with every possible cuisine at every possible budget. As we all know, McDonald's isn't that suitable for a romantic night out, nor is 5 star ‘Le customer ...

Shabu Shabu House Semarang

People of Semarang are food lovers. They love to taste cuisines from all over the world. So you will find different types of international cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Japanese cuisines in this ...

Dokmai Thai Restaurant and Bar Semarang

Dokmai Thai Restaurant and Bar, Semarang is one of the most popular Thai restaurants of the city. This restaurant is regularly visited by people of all ages. The Dokmai Thai Restaurant and Bar provides world ...

Grantang Bar Yogyakarta

The Grantang Bar, Yogyakarta is the ideal place for having the tapas style Indonesian snacks that they serve through out the entire day. The nights are also very lively. From the evening itself there is the ...

Borobudur Bar Yogyakarta

The Borobudur Bar, Yogyakarta is located at Jl Pasar Kembang 17 by the northern end of Sosro Gang I and for a drink after midnight this place is the best. The bar is legendary added on by the friendly staff ...
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