Miscellaneous Items

English language TV channels are available in most hotels. MetroTV (local TV channel) broadcast news in Chinese from Monday to Friday at 07.00 AM. MetroTV also broadcast news in English from Monday to Friday at 07.30 AM. TVRI (state owned TV station) broadcast news in English from Monday to Friday at 04.30 PM in the afternoon. All schedules are in Waktu Indonesia Barat (WIB). In addition there are several pay-per-view tv operators in Indonesia, namely Indovision, Astro and Kabelvision for example. Each of them has a relay of most international channels i.e. CNN, BBC, etc.

Below are some of the Indonesian online news website:
Antara News : Indonesia's National News Agency
Indonesia Now : Metro TV English Program
Detikcom : The biggest news site in Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)
The Jakarta Post : The largest English newspaper in Indonesia

Time throughout Java is 7 (seven) hours ahead of GMT/UTC. When it's noon in Java, the time in other cities around the world is :
Wellington  5pm
Sydney  3pm
Hong Kong 1pm
Frankfurt 6am
Paris  6am
Rome  6am
London 5am
Montreal 00.00
New York 00.00
Los Angeles 9pm (previous day)


Electricity is 220V/50Hz (Shuko Euro plug). For the most part, you can safely travel with two types of plugs - two round pins. Bring along a 120V to 220V converter if needed, as they are scarce here.

Conversion plugs are easily purchased in Java's major cities. Battery chargers are widely available also. A torch (flashlight) is useful to take along in case of blackouts.

Weight & Measurements
The metric system is widely used in Java.
Almost all tourist hotels have a laundry service, and if you hand in clothes one day you should get them back a day or two later. Hotel laundry services tend to be expensive and you might wind up doing what many travelers do - hand-wash your own clothes.

Health & Medical Services

There are a number of health risks associated with travel to Indonesia and medical advice should be taken at least three weeks before departing. Malaria is a year round risk except in Jakarta, other large cities and the tourist resorts of Java and Bali. The dengue fever mosquito is found throughout Indonesia and visitors should be aware of a significant increase in reported cases of dengue fever throughout all the country's provinces during the rainy season.

Visitors to Java and Sumatra are advised to ensure all polio inoculations are up to date before travel. Outbreaks of bird flu have also occurred. Human cases have been reported, and many people have died from the disease; Indonesia has the world's highest death toll from the virus. Travelers are not at risk but are advised to avoid close contact with caged, domestic and wild birds, and ensure that all eggs or poultry dishes are thoroughly cooked as a precaution.

Travelers' diarrhoea is a major risk; visitors should only drink bottled water and avoid dairy products, uncooked meat, salads and unpeeled fruit. The standard of local medical care is poor and very expensive. It is essential that you take out full medical and travel insurance covering all eventualities. A yellow fever certificate is required from those traveling from infected areas. A tetanus booster is recommended for all travelers to tsunami-affected areas in Indonesia and any country, if their last immunisation was five or more years ago.

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