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Rupiah (IDR or Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, hotels and money changers in major tourist destinations; US dollars is the most accepted currency. ...

Miscellaneous Items

English language TV channels are available in most hotels. MetroTV (local TV channel) broadcast news in Chinese from Monday to Friday at 07.00 AM. MetroTV also broadcast news in English from Monday to Friday ...

Local Customs and Practices

When visiting Java as the other place in Indonesia, visitors should observe local customs and practices. Some common courtesies and customs are as follows:


More than 90 percent of Javanese are Muslims, on a broad continuum between abangan (more nominal or syncretic) and santri (more orthodox). Small Hindu enclaves are scattered throughout Java, but there is a ...
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Voyage Vietnam Laos - Visite des monuments incontournables historiques et culturels de la ville Hanoï. Belles ballades pour découvrir Luang Prabang - l'ancienne capitale du Laos.
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