Tengkleng is one dish that uses the main ingredient of goats. These dishes like goat stew that contains the bones of goats, but the difference, this Tengkleng contains the head of a goat, tail of a goat, jerohan, ribs, and leg of lamb.Tengkleng or thengkleng often also written (with h), is a specialty of the solo. Suitable for recipes that use bone remains of sheep, goat legs, and or the head of the goat.

Tengkleng is a kind of stew, just not using coconut milk. At the beginning of this menu introduced to society, the content of tengkleng just goat bones only, because the tengkleng seller is usually the goat satay seller. Goat taken to make satay, while the remaining bones of flesh, dear to be discarded, the end was made dishes whose name tengkleng.

The main ingredient of tengkleng is bone with some meat still attached, so the cooking way is very simple one, just boil it. Even so, remain spices are added to eliminate  the smell of mutton.  After being introduced to the public, this menu was received quite well in society. Finally, traders of tengkleng innovate by adding meat, offal, and others. In fact, it's been very liked by the community outside Solo
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