Lontong Balap

Typical original Surabaya's food which is cooked from the rice cake, sprouts, fried tofu, Lento (made of soybean), soy sauce, fried onion and chili sauce.Lento is made from rice peanuts/Tholo with flour, afterwards it is added with galingale, the spring onion, rough-skinned citrus fruit and adequate salt. It is formed round resembled the croquette.Lontong Balap is full of sprouts. Lontong Balap is not served well without Kerang Satay.Lontong Balap will be more delicious to eat if being added with hot soy sauce and chili sauce.  

Lontong Balap is one of traditional meal from East Java, very popular, especially in Surabaya. According to its name consist of slices of lontong (compressed rice), added with bean sprouts soup, fried tahu (fried tofu), lentho, sweet soy sauce, and sambal petis.

Why it is called lontong balap (Balap in English mean Race)? This name emerges from the style of lontong balap merchant in the past. All merchant used the big bamboo stick accommodating two clay frying-pans. Big size measure, it is clear weight shouldered. As a result, the merchant have to quicken its journey, provoking race. Since then, the term of lontong balap was emerged. I like it very much. When I was still in Surabaya, I had it almost every week for breakfast or lunch. I can easily get it. But here, no one is selling it. So I have to make it by myself. And my mother gave me the recipe how to make it.

This meal is a perfect dish for one who doesn’t eat meat (vegetarian). However, I was very surprised my hubby likes it. He said when he ate it, it tasted like eating rice with vegetables and meat.
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